Photo of Colastic Neveau ( born Scholastique Lauzon )

Scholastique LauzonColastic Neveau( born Scholastique Lauzon ) is the mother of Edwidge Neveu Morel. I created this site to find the date of death of Edwidge Neveu. To census of Michigan of 1894, Edwidge Neveu live to Bay City, Michigan, United States. She live to Bay City with her husband and their niece Maggie Girard. They are enregistred as Edwidge Maralle, Haphele or Zlaphite Maralle ( or Family Search).
Note: If you have any information or old photo concerning this family that could help me for to find the location of death of Edwidge Neveu Morel( Moralle), you can contact me to :

Scholastique Lauzon, birth the 26 february 1823 to Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada. She is the daughter of André Lauzon and Justine Guernon (Grenon).

Scholastique Neveu<
Birth of Scholastique Lauzon

Scholastique Lauzon maried Maxime Neveu the 25 october 1841 to Ste-Anne-des Plaines, Quebec, Canada. Maxime is the son of Joseph Neveu and Marie-Anne Barrette.
This couple remain for several years to Ste-Sophie and Ste-Anne-des-Plaines (in Quebec,Canada). Thereafter, they will move to Michigan,United-States ( about year 1862).To United-States, the name Neveu became NEVEAU, NEVIEW, NEVIREAU.
Here are the names of 14 children of Maxine and Scholastique: Sophronie, Edwidge, Elmyre, Jules, Thomas(Damass), Leocadie(Mary), Maxime ( Michael Neview), Edouard, Joseph, Wilfrid or Wilfred, Alexander, Annie, Noe, and Leander.
Scholastique must have had great sorrow in 1891….I will speak of this event later in my blog.

Maxime neveu-mariage
Marriage of Scholastique Lauzon and Maxime Neveu

DEATH OF COLASTIC NEVEAU (born Scholastique Lauzon )

Colastic Neveau died the 1 July 1901 to West Bay City, Michigan, United States.Buried to Calvary Cemetery, Saguinaw, Michigan.
Scholastique Neveu death-2


2 thoughts on “Photo of Colastic Neveau ( born Scholastique Lauzon )

  1. Mary Neveau Spangenberg

    Last year, my husband made a visit to Saginaw Calvery Cemetary, as that is in an area that I would not visit. He spoke with a member of the staff. They were unable to find any record that was where the grave of Scholastique Neveau is. There is a Calvery Cementary closer to Bay City. I wonder if this might be her true grave cite?

  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Scholastique must have had great sorrow in 1891….
    I will speak of this event later in my blog.

    Difficile de parler de cet événement n’est-ce pas Michel.


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