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Wedding of Maxime Neveu & Scholastique Lauzon, parents of Edwidge

Maxime neveu-mariage

Maxime Neveu and Scholastique Lauzon married the 25 october 1841 in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada. Maxime is the son of Joseph Neveu and Marie-Anne Barrette.

Scholastique Lauzon is the daughter of André Lauzon and Justine Guernon.
For those who do not know the Quebec, Ste-Anne-des-Plaines and Ste-Sophie, are located near of Montreal.

This couple remain for several years in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines and Ste-Sophie (in Quebec).Thereafter, they will move to Michigan, United States..( about 1862).
Only their daughter, Edwidge with her husband, Zephirin Morel, remains here in Montreal for several years.
Maxime and Scholastique have 14 children. Only two of them were born in Michigan…Alexander and Leander ( Neveau).
Their family name will be often mispelled, we see NEVUE, NEVEN, NEVIU, NEVIEW, NEPHEW, NEVINE …and finally…more late..some take the name of NEVEAU, NEVIEW, NEVIEAU….and some will keep the family of Neveu or Neveux.

Here are the names of 14 children of Maxime Neveu and Scholastique Lauzon:


Zephir Morel & Edwidge Neveu in Michigan, State Census, 1894

In 1894, Zephir Morel and Edwidge Neveu Morel remain in Bay City, Michigan, U.S.A….In the Michigan, state census 1894, their name is written ” Zlaphite & Edwidge Maralle “..according Family Search…
I find Zephir Maralle (or Maral) in some Directory of Michigan, but not in the census of United States.
Zephir & Edwidge do not seem to have had children.

In the Michigan, state census 1894, Maggie Girard,their niece, remains with them. Maggie (Margaret) is the daughter of Leocadia(Mary) Neveu Girard and Joseph Girard. Leocadia is the sister of Edwidge Neveu.
Margaret(Maggie) Girard married Joseph Hebert, the 17 february 1896, in West Bay city, Michigan. Joseph is the son of Morrison Hebert & Josephine Largess. Later, in the census, we see that Joseph Hebert become Joseph Abare or Abeare.
Edwidge & Zephir 1894

Zephirin Morel and Edwidge Neveu, census 1881 of Canada

In 1881, Zephirin Morel and his wife, Edwidge neveu remain in Montreal East. district St-Jacques.
Also, you can see the name of Elie Lafortune. Elie is the adopted son of Zephir and Edwidge….The veritable parents of Elie are: Salomon Tellier say Lafortune and Louise Fisciault of St-Lin, Quebec, canada.
Unfortunately, Elie Lafortune is died at the age of 17 years.
In looking the document of the 1881 census of canada, I feel that Zephir and Edwidge remains with Joseph Morel, the brother od Zephir…and his family.

Zephir Morel rec.1881..

Birth of Zephirin Morel (Zephir)

Zephirin Prosper Morel was born the 11 february 1844 in Montreal (Notre Dame). He is the son of Edouard Morel and Anathalie Comtois. The first name of the mother of Zephir is often misspelled in some documents, we find: Nathalie. Thalie, Thalite, Anathalie….
The godfather and godmother of Zephir are: Francois Brault and Marie Henriette ???…
Throughout his life, Zephirin employ the first name of ZEPHIR ( or Zephyr)

Zéphire Morel-1844

Edwidge Neveu and the 1871 Census of Canada

Morel Zephir-rec-1871

In 1871, Edwidge Neveu is already married with Zephir Morel. His veritable name is Zephirin Morel. In these years, Zephir is shoemaker.

Zephir and Edwidge remain in Montreal East, St-Jacques district. We guess that they remain among parents of Zephir: EDOUARD MOREL AND THALITE COMTOIS.

Here, we can see a few of the names of brothers and sisters of Zephir.
Angele, Dorius, Joseph, Leocadie, Delima, Gelas….
In 1871, the brother of Zephir, Elie Morel is already married with Elzire Beauchamp.

So, In this census of Canada, Zephir Morel and Edwidge Neveu are already married. After several years, I have not been able to find the place and date of marriage of their marriage….And I discovered that it will be difficult to do research on their lives.

Edwidge Neveu, census of 1861 of Canada

To census of 1861 of  Canada, Edwidge Neveu remains to Ste-Sophie in Quebec( Near Ste-Anne-des-Plaines) with her parents, her brothers and sister. She is 17 years-old. Her sister, Sophronie is absent. May be that she is already married with Toussaint ( Thousand) Raymond.

Here are the name of brothers and sister of Edwidge to Census of 1861;

Jules, 13 years-old.

Damass ( Thomas), 11 years-old.

Leocadie, 9 years-old.

Maxime( Michael ), 7 years-old.

Wilfred or Wilfrid, 5 years-old

Edouard, 3 years-old.

Joseph, 1 year-old.

Neven Edwidge-rec-1861