Marriage of brother of Zephirin Morel, Joseph with Eugenie Bourgeois


Marriage of Joseph Morel. Joseph is the brother of Zephirin Morel, the husband of Edwidge Neveu.
Joseph Morel and Eugenie Bourgeois, married the 25 june 1877 to Montreal (Ste-Brigide).
Joseph is the son of Edouard Morel and Thalite Comtois. Eugenie Bourgeois is the daughter of Saül Bourgeois and Angelique Langlois say Lachapelle.

Joseph and Eugenie are the great grandparents of my wife, Aline Plouffe Lauzon.

To marrriage of Joseph, this is his brother, Zephirin, which serves as a father.
So, in 1877, Zephirin and Edwidge Neveu Morel are still in Montreal !!!

Eugenie Bourgeois is of acadian origin.
This couple had 11 children: MARIE-LOUISE, EDOUARD. ALBERT( died very young), JOSEPH ARTHUR, JOSEPH AUGUSTIN, MARIE ALIDA, ALBERT (the grandfather of my wife), EUCLIDE EUGENE, ANNA, MARIA EMMA ROSINA and ERNEST.


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