Edwidge Neveu and the 1871 Census of Canada

Morel Zephir-rec-1871

In 1871, Edwidge Neveu is already married with Zephir Morel. His veritable name is Zephirin Morel. In these years, Zephir is shoemaker.

Zephir and Edwidge remain in Montreal East, St-Jacques district. We guess that they remain among parents of Zephir: EDOUARD MOREL AND THALITE COMTOIS.

Here, we can see a few of the names of brothers and sisters of Zephir.
Angele, Dorius, Joseph, Leocadie, Delima, Gelas….
In 1871, the brother of Zephir, Elie Morel is already married with Elzire Beauchamp.

So, In this census of Canada, Zephir Morel and Edwidge Neveu are already married. After several years, I have not been able to find the place and date of marriage of their marriage….And I discovered that it will be difficult to do research on their lives.


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